Sebs Shyness Tactic

Sebs Shyness Tactic

Are you shy? Then here’s why you MUST overcome it

Shyness is a problem which affects almost every one at some time or another.

But for a lot of people this problem can be chronic, and as a formerly shy person I can tell you it’s not a lot of fun.

Being shy you will miss out on so many things it’s crazy.

You’ll be restricted in your career, friendships and dating prospects and the richness of life will pass you by.

And the truth is that being shy is like standing in the shadows all your life, and believe me no one is going to pull you out of it because they are too busy enjoying their own lives.

This is a problem you must solve yourself, and it’s actually a lot easier than you think.

You see, shyness is very simple to overcome, and that’s because there is a root biological cause which makes people shy.

And the way to overcome this root biological cause is with a very simple cognitive “Trick” which allows you to be confident around people…instead of nervous, awkward or quiet.

I learnt this trick from a guy called Sean Cooper.

Like a lot of people he also suffered from shyness and crippling social anxiety and eventually got sick of watching life pass him by.

He set out on a quest to overcome this issue and what he discovered was terrifying.

As it turns out very few people, even “Medical Professionals” like psychologists and Doctors, understand what really causes shyness and anxiety.

Plus very few of them has ever suffered from these problems.

Which means that the techniques they use to help people get over these problems have no grounding in reality and, in Sean’s experience – and mine – have almost no chance of working.

(I’m talking about stupid things like exposure therapy or visualization exercises.)

The second thing which Sean discovered is that pharmaceutical companies are probably the world’s leading source of anxiety issues.

Let me explain:

These companies have only one goal, which is PROFIT.

They claim your shyness is caused by a “Chemical imbalance” and then they sell you drugs to treat this imbalance.

But what usually ends up happening is that you become addicted and dependent on these drugs, and end up taking them for years….making them a lot of money.

And speaking from personal experience, it is very, very difficult to get off these drugs.

You’ve probably heard of people speaking about how they are going to “Taper off from their meds”

Well that’s because once you’ve been taking them for a while you cannot just quit because your body is now dependent on the drugs…and quitting will lead to severe withdrawal.

Not a pretty picture is it?

And the reality is that if you want to overcome your shyness, you must avoid these drugs at all costs.

And believe me, if you read this article you’ll see that shyness is NOT caused by a chemical imbalance.

Like I said there is a very simple root biological cause of your shyness, and all you need to overcome it is this simple cognitive trick.

Before I knew about this I had never seen it mentioned anywhere else, but I used it to completely rid myself of all shyness in less than a week.

Remember, life is far too short to spend your entire life being shy and anxious.

The cure is here, all you need is the guts to use it.

Sebs Shyness Tactic

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